Does Furnace Filter Size Really Matter?

When it comes to furnace filters, size does matter. It is essential to know how to properly measure your air filter in order to make the right purchase. The easiest way to determine the size of filter you need for your oven is to remove the current filter and look at its dimensions, which are usually printed along one side. The oven filter should fit snugly, but comfortably, into the oven.

To do this, you will need a flashlight and a rigid measuring tape. Look inside the section of the oven where the air filter should go, there should be a 1″ filter track or opening where the air filter slides. You want the air filter to cover the duct opening. Measure the height and width of the duct opening and allow some overlap if you have space.

This will be the exact size you need to order for your new air filter. If you don't have an existing air filter in your oven, or if the existing filter doesn't fit properly, you'll need to measure the duct opening. Installing several 1-in-a-slot air filters can cause costly damage to your air conditioning unit, as residential ovens are not equipped to handle this level of airflow restriction. To check the size, turn off the system, remove the filter from the compartment and observe the dimensions.

Once you determine the exact dimensions that best fit your needs, place an order for your filter size with the exact fraction or decimal of your preferred measurements. Most white pleated air filters are inherently the same within each efficiency level, and vary slightly, if at all, between brands. If you live in an older home, with a non-standard size air return frame, you can use a foam weatherstrip tape to slightly increase the dimensions of your preferred filter or order a custom-sized air filter. On the home page, first select the product type (oven filters) and then select the nominal oven filter size (thickness) of your filter.

In this case, you'll want to round down to the nearest integer to determine the nominal size of the air cleaner. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure that your furnace filter is working properly and efficiently. Keeping a house clean and ventilated can reduce the amount of dust and pollen that will pass through the filter. You also don't want to place an air filter 1 in a slot 2 because the air takes the path of least resistance and will flow around the filter instead of through it if it's not the right size.

From filtering out harmful contaminants to keeping your HVAC unit running efficiently, these products have several benefits.

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