What is the Standard Size Air Filter for Your Home?

The image of this 12 x 12 x 1 inch air filter has the nominal size, which is the size that air filters are usually sold for. Most air filters are located on the right or bottom of the unit and can be easily removed from the slot. It can be difficult to find the size of air filter you need at a local home improvement store. That's why it's important to check compatibility before purchasing a replacement from brands like Honeywell, Hunter, and Whirlpool who have several models of room air purifiers available. These common-size air filters are the sizes that can normally be easily found in large stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe's.

The primary purpose of air filters is to protect your HVAC equipment from damage caused by dust and dirt accumulating on the coils. To the right of the filter, it also includes the actual filter size, which are the true measurements of the filter dimensions by length, width, and depth. Nowadays, air filters not only focus on protecting equipment but also on improving the air quality in your home, which is one of the top health issues listed by the EPA, CDC, and American Lung Association. Aerosol ions are effective in reducing bacteria, viruses, odors and other contaminants that exist in the air you breathe inside your home. Here's an interesting fact: 70% of what Filterbuy sells falls outside the 10 most common air filter sizes.

Filters are generally listed by Nominal Size, which is a rounded number based on the actual dimensions of the filter, which are called the actual size. You can proactively clean the air and surfaces in your home by adding an air purifier in the duct that creates supercharged particles. You can also scroll down and use the air filter size chart to choose the right size and pay quickly. We recommend removing the existing filter and measuring it to confirm its actual dimensions.

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